Nelson, NZ (Nov 7th & 12th-16th)

I am slowly trying to catch up on blogging our trip. We have officially been home for one week and are so glad to be back. Let the house shopping and job hunting begin!

When we got off the ice, we had one night at a hotel and one night at a hostel in Christchurch before going north. We met up with some Polies to enjoy beer on tap and hear about everyones plans. Most of us seemed to be traveling in different directions. Some trips include Wanaka, Queenstown, the north island, The Cook Islands, Thailand,   Japan, sailing and much more. We are an adventurous bunch! How else would we all have ended up at the bottom of the World???

drinking beer with friends

And of course we went to the botanical gardens in Christchurch.

As well as a very yummy first meal at Pegasus Arms. To be honest, our real first meal was Subway after our plane landed at 11 pm and we were desperate for something open by our hotel. I hate to admit that, so I will stick with this delicious burger being our first meal.


So, after our two days in Christchurch, we were off to Nelson. We took a six(ish) hour bus ride near many sheep fields, wine country, a mountain range, and along the ocean. It was a beautiful, but very windy road which now has sections destroyed by the earthquake.

We arrived in Nelson and stayed at a Backpackers hostel. We spent our day walking around the city and I made sure to stop and smell the roses. Nelson is a fairly small city that is close to the size of Corvallis (my home town). I was so happy walking downtown and looking at the shops. We only stayed one night before beginning our hike on the Sabine Circuit(see last post).

Then, after we completed the Sabine, we came back to Nelson for two nights. Those two nights turned into five because of the earthquake and our bus not being able to travel back to Christchurch. So, we stayed in another Backpackers hostel. Since we did not have a car and were worked up from the earthquakes and aftershocks we decided to take it easy. We did a lot of walking in neighborhoods and downtown.

We went to a church that is downtown built in 1842. It was so beautiful with lots of detail.

We also walked in the Japanese Garden.

And we found a market downtown. We ate a whole loaf of garlic bread for lunch while we pondered how we would ever get home. Max and I realized we were just ready to go and tired of making plans. So, that was when we decided to take a plane to Christchurch instead of waiting for the bus. I am really glad we did because we might still be in Nelson!

The next morning we got on a flight to Christchurch. People were very nice about letting us cancel because of the circumstances. We canceled a car rental, two AirB&Bs, a campsite, and our bus ride. We changed our flight date so we left New Zealand the next morning (November 17th) for two extra weeks in Hawaii. That was a great decision!


We spent our last night in New Zealand at this place called Jucy Snooze. It is a hostel right next to the Christchurch airport. It had just opened a few weeks ago. I give it two thumbs up! The same price as your average hostel, but included a much nicer facility and more privacy. The sleeping pods close so no one can watch you sleep, there are lockers with codes so you don’t need a lock, and each room with eight pods has a hotel key so no one else can go in. Plus, there is a big room with chairs, table, hammocks and a kitchen for meals and relaxing.


  1. So glad you are safely home, The Earthquake has caused major road destruction, still ongoing clearance, and shops still not able to open in Kaikoura.And still having big aftershocks, on 4th was 5.5, 5th was 4.0, 7th was 4.6, 8th was 4.8, 12th was 4.7 .These are the largest for those days, and at December 7th, a total of over 8000 aftershocks. Enjoy being home, so good to get more news and views.Christmas greetings to you both. Jean in NZ.


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