Tomorrow should be my last night of volleyball if all goes well and we actually leave on Monday. We have been playing volleyball every Wednesday night all year long. Last week was one of our best nights yet with many hard hits and intense rallies. We pick random teams by drawing cards and playing high versus low.  There are six regulars who play every week and then about five others who show up occasionally. The only thing missing is my mom in the stands cheering me on like she did at all of my high school games years ago. Miss you mom!

Max going for the big block against our PA, Scott


A nice picture of the gym. We can play the ball off the ceiling as long as it does not go over and before the third hit. That makes games very exciting. We are not allowed to play off the wall of the basketball hoops.


*photos taken on Robert Schwarz’s camera

Basler: The plane has still not made it and is four days late. We still have a lot of snow blowing on the ground so visibility is low. There is a small chance the Basler will make it tomorrow and if not the first LC-130 Herc will probably beat it here on Friday.



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