Basler Update

The Basler was supposed to arrive with eight passengers yesterday, but canceled because of high winds and low visibility yesterday and today. Not sure if they will try tomorrow since it is Sunday, but it has already pushed the LC-130 Herc back a day, so the earliest it will arrive is now the 28th.We got the cargo list from McMurdo and eight boxes of freshies are supposed to show up with the Basler. That is super exciting!forcast-10-22

Max and I have packed and mailed most of our stuff (almost 150 pounds combined). We have backpacks in Christchurch, NZ that have all of our camping and hiking gear so we pretty much sent the rest home. Our stuff is sitting in big mailing boxes and should get shipped out by the middle of November when it is warm enough that the planes start carrying cargo out. 10-22-16-weather

On Tuesday, I helped with another balloon launch. This time they did a rubber balloon since there are warmer temperatures.



We are now having a monthly practice ERT Drill with a fire. Got to run!

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