Sunrise Dinner

I am very behind on posting photos. The pictures from this blog post are from three weeks ago (September 24th-26th), when the sun was on the horizon. Now the sun is 6 degrees above the horizon and it is really starting to feel like summer.


On Saturday, September 24th we celebrated sunrise with a Hawaiian themed Luau dinner. We actually missed most of sunrise with only a few hours throughout the week without total cloud coverage.

Taken from the galley during sunrise dinner. We could not see the sun during dinner since it was so cloudy.

Lots of people got into the spirit wearing lays and enjoying the decorations.

Max and I decided to dress for the occasion. I found this wrap in Skua and Max wore a wrap that my mom had sent me during the summer. He took his skirt off right after we arrived, but I wore mine the whole night.

Skua is what we call the South Pole donations. There is a cabinet in the recycling room with skua items (clothes, toiletries, electronics, etc.) and there is also a small building for the overflow items that lives in summer camp. Each bathroom has a skua box for toiletries as well. One guy here only wears skua so he does not have to worry about wearing out his own clothes. I brought plenty of clothes, but it is a great place to find things people forgot to bring. If you are not picky and coming to the South Pole for a season I would recommend bringing just enough clothes to get by and then shopping in skua. Also, the program does not provide wool socks or long underwear anymore, but the materials department still has a huge collection of these items. So it is not necessary to bring more than a few pairs of long underwear and socks and then get more when you arrive.


On Sunday, Max and I walked to MAPO to visit our friend and check out his flight simulator.

MAPO is one of the two buildings that house telescopes. The other is SPT (South Pole Telescope), which house BICEP and SPT. These are located in the dark sector.
I never get tired of taking photos of my heavy eye lashes when ice sticks to them.

Robert has a very fancy flight simulator with four monitors. I started out flying a Twin Otter on the Ross Ice Shelf at McMurdo station and then flew a Glider plane in Germany. I crashed a few times and then let Max take a turn.

Max flew on the Puget Sound, his favorite place to be. We actually found his family’s cabin by the water and were amazed by how accurate the topography was. He then flew in Christchurch and Queenstown before we walked back to the station.  _dsc0187

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