Basler Passing Through

The first planes arrived yesterday on their way to McMurdo for the summer season. Small planes cannot make it across the ocean from New Zealand so they have to fly across the Drake Passage heading south from Chile. The same route that the medevac took.

The Basler was on the ground for about an hour to fuel and pick up food before continuing to McMurdo. Then, about six hours later the Twin Otter arrived taking a little longer to get here since it is a smaller plane. The three pilots stayed overnight and should be leaving today.

In eight days the Basler should be coming back to drop off six summer crew who will help us with station opening. A few of them are operators who will be moving a lot of snow to get buildings cleared, drifting knocked down, and snow piles removed.


dragging the fuel line to the plane


Almost every year the planes that pass through bring apples or oranges. Sadly, that did not happen this time so we will have to wait another week when the Basler returns to get freshies.


Bruce (HEO), Kim, me and Lindsay posing while Max took a photo of us watching the plane being unloaded.



All winter I have had this photo collage next to my desk full of people and animals I love. I really miss being around kids who are happy and creative that love to play. I don’t know how I feel about being surrounded by adults all the time. Plus, of course we miss our husky and taking him on hikes. Only 56 days until we are back to our home base… but who’s counting???


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