Pictures of Drifting

I have talked a few times about the unbelievable amount of snow that piles up behind buildings, but have not posted many pictures to show what I am talking about. Max and I went around and took pictures of the drifting a few weeks ago. That was also the day we saw our last auroras. It is now much too bright to see southern lights, but there are plenty of other beautiful things to see. Yesterday, the sky was very pink as we prepare for the sun on the 22nd of this month(September).

This is the Bouldering/workout room that I talked about in my last post.


Top left: Jameways with extra rooms, Top right: Me, excited at how light it was getting and enjoying the last auroras, Bottom: The new BIFF, where we launch the weather balloon, and the old BIFF which is no longer in use

The drifting extends from the top of one building to the top of the building behind it.

Here is the Rodwell where we get our water (which I will post about soon). It has a huge bowl of snow surrounding it that is much taller than me. That is me on the left.


  1. Is this from wind build up, or fresh fallen snow? Do you have to move it, or wait for the next huge wind, does that ever blow it away enough?And I can tell by your words how happy you are to get a little daylight at last.And your photo full of joy!!


    • This is all wind build up since we are in a desert. There is only a tiny amount of snow fall every year. The wind keeps drifting and only gets moved near the station if it creates a fall hazard. It all gets moved out during the summer when temps are warming and there are more operators.


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