Bouldering Wall

Finding entertainment has become more of a challenge lately. We all spend a lot of time watching movies in the evenings. The past month a few of us have changed things up and started walking to the bouldering wall. I did not go here at all during the summer, checked it out once, but never used it.

This building is located in the summer camp area a few hundred feet from the station. It contains a small weight lifting room and a bouldering room. There are a few people who use it during the winter for working out, but not very many. It has a box of decent climbing shoes for people to use. There is one guy who spends a lot of time out there creating new bouldering routes and perfecting his technique. Since it is so small, there are a lot of holds(fake rocks) on the ceiling and overhang. It is very tricky!



One comment

  1. Looks a bit tiny for anyone taller than me. Must be fairly warm in there, no heavy duty cold weather gear on. great place to get some indoor exercise.The blue mat, is that to fall onto, or in case you do fall? Hope all is on track for your return home.


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