A little over two months ago, this group of five guys committed to building an igloo. It took them three weeks of hard labor to construct using a hand saw, sawz-all, shovels, headlights and muscle. They dug a hole that was 5 feet deep and then started construction. It ended up being tall enough to stand in and wide enough to fit five grown men sleeping in it. They stayed out one night and said it got to +10F with their body heat.  I didn’t take any part in this, but I was surprised they completed it since that was during two weeks of 15-25 knot winds. igloo_aurora2

The sad part is, that after a month of work to build it, our manager decided it needed to go since it was creating more drifting near the station. The heavy operator used the dozer to knock it down. It took him one pass to bury the hole and another pass to flatten it out. A total of two minutes to destroy something they were so proud of. It did keep them busy and entertained for a month, so it was worth it!


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