Today is a big milestone. The window covers are coming off after lunch so we can now use white light outside since the sensitive aurora cameras have been shut off for the summer. We will only be able to see our reflections in the windows for a few more weeks, but it is a step in the right direction! Today also marks exactly two months until Max and I fly out on a Herc, headed for new adventures.

We may look a little pale, and some could really use a facial trim and a shower, but we are a team. Sure, we have had some hard times living in close quarters for ten months, but we really have become a family. It will be weird not seeing these familiar goofy faces in two months. It has been an experience I will never forget.

A little over half the crew dressed in home made tie die shirts after Saturday’s pizza dinner




  1. Very artistic, is this the spare time hobby? One of my blog friends has the method to do snow dying of fabric, can see that would be a huge hit down there. And one more milestone, great news for everyone.


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