WIFF 2016

At the beginning of this month was the Winter International Film Festival(WIFF). This is an Antarctic tradition that involves all of the stations who want to participate. Every year five stations are randomly chosen to provide topics for five different categories.

Here are the five topics and categories for this year:

  • Action: Walking on a catwalk
  • saying: “may the force be with you”
  • sound: elephant trumpeting
  • character: mythical creature
  • item: Stethoscope

The categories are chosen by the five winning stations of the previous year.

The topics were emailed to us on Friday at midnight, but not having satellite we got them Saturday morning. Once the categories were sent, we had 48 hours to complete a 5 minute video and submit it. Max and I took the lead for our video. We spent about 3 hours filming on Saturday and over seven hours editing on Sunday. Warning: A few of the videos are a little inappropriate and use bad language. The videos are really good at showing what the other stations are like and the humor of other cultures.

I am not able to look at video with our satellite, but I have heard some of these might have been taken down or made private since they were first posted.

48 Hour Films:  Crozet  Davis  Arctowski  Casey  Vostok SANAE Amsterdam Island  Scott Base  Esperanza  Troll  Syowa   McMurdo    KEP    South Pole

Some of the videos are more unique than others. There are a few videos that stations did not want to share, so I do not have a link for those. The winner of the film festival was Arctowski, which I really enjoyed. My other favorites do not have a link. Twenty-two stations participated. Once we received all of the submissions, we watched them all in the galley. It took three hours to watch them and then we voted on our favorites.

The Open Category: For this category, there is no time limit and the video can be about anything. I recommend watching all three South Pole ones. They are all done by Robert Schwartz, who has a Facebook page called South Pole Skies, where he posts many photos and videos. He recently posted a very cool time lapse of the medevac. He has done fourteen winters and takes amazing time lapses.

South Pole Open    South Pole Open Sky   South Pole Aurora Open Vostok   Open McMurdo BFC Open Kerguelen  Open Syowa  Open Esperanza  Open McMurdo Mactown



  1. Fantastic videos, and every item included. I can see why the winner was chosen. But I did so enjoy one previous one, when the heating was turned off, hilarious. Hope all is going well down there, are you in the Nautical Twilight stage yet?


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