Update: Greenhouse

I think I will definitely get the hang of the greenhouse just in time to leave. Everything is growing really nicely and we are averaging ten pounds a week, which is enough for 3 salads a week. That is just for lettuce. There are four brand new cucumber plants in the center and four that are starting to grow cucumbers in the front hobby system.  There are also eight tomato plants that have tomatoes, but they are still green.  So we should start to get much more soon!

Eight tomato plants
Sunflower Kale
Pac Choi and one Green Forest Romain


Left: Red Shiso, Right: Pesto Basil

Nursery: Pac Choi, Romaine, and Hybrid Kale
The left side is very full and happy 🙂


Cucumber plants that are about a month old


Left side, middle and right side systems

Front hobby system: The old cucumber plants that are in front went almost all the way across the ceiling before they started to die. I just got rid of all the old cucumber plants, so now the back four new ones have started to take over. The small plant on the right is Bergamot. I am not familiar with it, but according to Google it will have pretty purple flowers.

I have loved being in charge of the greenhouse and doing all of the planting and harvesting, but it will never replace working outside in the dirt and sun. I look forward to lots more gardening next summer when I am home. For now, I will continue to spend most of my time reading and working in the South Pole greenhouse!


  1. This leaves our small glasshouse in dismay and total awe!!! Before I began to read your blog, I had no idea about life down there, and what goes on behind the scenes. You will be a gardening guru, able to grow anything in all climates. And I guess the lighting system is very modernised, and time controlled. Greetings from NZ, our place has power, no snow, and a bit of a frost this morning. Other places have been isolated since their main roads were closed since last Friday.


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