This Week’s Dose of Auroras

The last moon cycle begins tomorrow and lasts two weeks and then we start to see more sunlight. So these might possibly be the last aurora photos since light from the moon and astronomical twilight will fade out the colors. We are officially in “astronomical twilight”, which means we can just barely start to see a tiny amount of sun to the right of Sirius, the brightest star in the southern hemisphere.

The full sunrise will happen sometime around September 21st. The first plane will arrive October 18th to help with station opening. There will only be a handful of people on that flight since they will be arriving on a Basler, which is only a little bigger than the Twin Otter. We will have a week with the new crew to prepare for the first C130 herc flight and station opening scheduled on October 27th. Max and I should leave sometime around the 7th of November. We will spend two week on the South Island in NZ. Then Max’s family is meeting us for a week in Hawaii. That puts us getting back to Oregon in time for Ski season the beginning of December.

Remember, you can click on all of the photo thumbnails to see the full picture. Thank you, Max for the great photos!

Here I am posing at the geographical South Pole marker





  1. Fantastic photos ,something most of us can only dream about. And I learn new details about sunlight hours and so much more with your every post. And, after so may years since High School, , am starting to enjoy what might be Geography, or science, as related to our world. Will you have a postal address when you reach Chch? I would like to send something down for you to take back to US, in time for your ski season there? Not bought or made in China, but sewn here by me!!!
    my best email is

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    • Awe that is very sweet. I will not have an address. We will be camping the whole time we are in Christchurch, and mail that is sent on the first flights to Pole might not make it before we leave. Thank you, anyway! And thank you for all of your comments. It is nice to know people are reading and enjoying my blog.


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