Christmas In July

My coworker put on a wonderful Christmas in July event. There were Christmas movies every week leading up to the event. Then, the week before the galley was decorated and the night before we decorated Christmas cookies. IMG_9858


The night of the 24th(our Sunday) a few volunteers made a delicious Christmas dinner and we watched A Christmas Story on the galley monitors.


After dinner we did a white elephant gift exchange…

This is completely filled with taped cans of Dr. Pepper, which we are out of in the store. The gift I opened is on the table, which was little candy bars and a box of Tim-Tams. Someone stole that gift and I ended up with a $20 gift card to the store.


Other presents included a Nerf gun, harmonica, trail mix, jacket, beer, chocolate, hand made cutting board, and mac & cheese.


  1. What a great celebration, as I am guessing by Christmas,many of you will have returned to your own homes. A stolen gift?? How could they. Here in NZ, big snow is coming to the South Island, lots has already fallen last week in Otago, and skiers will be very happy, if there are no avalanche warnings. Do you get to ski there? Cheers from Jean. If you go to my blog ” All Points of the Compass” I posted some snow photos the other day.


    • We can cross country ski during the summer months, but they close the ski gear shack for the winter to avoid more risks. I did it once during the summer, but it is so flat that walking is almost as fast and easier.


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