Southern Cross

1138__pano03 july 2016
A panorama taken by Robert Shwarz of the full Milky Way that we see at Pole

Fourth of July included our own version of fireworks. The sky was filled with amazing green auroras. Max got a few photos of them. We saw the best ones while we were outside shoveling the stairs for our weekly house mouse chores. It was like nothing I have seen before, unfortunately we didn’t have a camera at that time.

Below is a photo of my two favorite constellations. They are very easy to spot when looking straight up at the sky. And if you draw lines from them like you see in the picture, they meet at the most southern point above the Geographic South Pole.

The most southern point

Since all of the excitement of the medevac is over, I am back to posting Aurora and star photos. If you have anything else you would like me to post about please write it in the comments and I will try to get to it soon.

green and purple auroras


looking out at the telescopes from the balcony


  1. I can only imagine the beauty you see down there, One question, how do you manage the water for laundry, dishes? Do you take turns for kitchen duties? I know the shower times are very short, and are you there until the summer? And I do hope your gums have started to heal over after that mammoth sit in the dentist’s chair.


    • great questions! I will do a post about the power plant and rodwell (where we get our water) very soon. I am here until the beginning of November when the summer crew comes back. My gums have totally healed! 🙂


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