Midwinter Dinner

Four days before the medevac arrival we had midwinter dinner. Midwinter dinner is about celebrating the solstice and the realization that the sun is as far north as it will go and is now coming back in our direction. We are officially more than halfway done with winter!

We started at 4:30 pm on Saturday with appetizers. The veggie rolls have tomatoes, cucumber and lettuce from the greenhouse. That was my favorite thing, and not just because it was from the greenhouse.

To celebrate midwinter we set up the galley for a fancier dinner and after dinner followed tradition by watching The Shining on the big screen in the gym. A weird movie about a small family that moves to a haunted hotel and lives there alone during the winter season.


They served buffalo, gnocchi, salad, asparagus, and potato soup. I really liked the gnocchi, but have been sticking to being vegetarian mostly so I didn’t try the buffalo.

Another part of midwinter tradition is sending out an emailed greeting card to all of the Antarctic stations. So fun to see how other stations look and how many people winter at each place. Here are some of my favorites (you can click on the individual photos to make them bigger). We received at least forty different station greeting cards, including some places out of the Antarctic circle and one from Greenland. There are about thirty different permanent stations and thirty field camps that are set up during the summer. Not sure on exact numbers.



    • I have cut it once a few months ago. It was getting really long and annoying. One girl got here and completely shaved her head. There is only one female with hair longer than mine. It is very common to come here with super short hair.


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