Mission Complete

It has been a week since the medevac and things have really calmed down. Many people still have a part in taking down the flight deck, but that is not a big rush. We are waiting for warmer temperatures. I need to collect empty oxygen tanks with a loader, the electrician is working on getting the cords collected and unhooking power and the fuelies are cleaning and emptying fuel hoses. Once those tasks are complete, the HEO (heavy equipment operator) will move the buildings to the “end of the world” for storage until the summer season.

My trusty photographer has given me these photos from last week to share. Thank you Max!


About half the station went out to take photos with the plane while the flight crew was resting.



I got creative since I didn’t have paper. Wanted to say hello to my dad, mom, and sisters whom I miss very much!
A nice note from Rothera that was delivered with the delicious desserts.


And finally enjoying our fruit!


  1. Thanks for the update. So nice of the Rothera station to send treats! I saw an article that mentioned having to heat the plane’s fuel? That sounds tricky. I do wish the very best to those who were evacuated and completely respect their privacy. And while I in no way want to make light of the situation in any “real” sense, all of the drama and secrecy surrounding this mission will lure an active imagination into fanciful speculation. Are there conspiracy theories yet (how can there not be)? And (more interestingly) given the isolation, harsh conditions, and T3 syndrome, there must be creepy stories passed down from generation to generation of those who winter over? I’m off to Google it!


  2. I ,too, thought all details were to be kept private and confidential, and rightly so. Yet there were the photos of both the people, as they left the ambulances to go into hospital, and the details. This is a massive violation of their privacy. I was so pleased to see the mission was successful, a massive undertaking, and so very interesting for one of our family who will be studying Antarctica next semester at University in NZ.And again, I thank you for your photos, news of events, and wish you and all down there a Happy Solstice ( even though we are now officially past the shortest day). Regards from Jean.


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