Here are a few preview photos of our exciting week. Rothera sent us some very yummy home made deserts, which was such a nice surprise. They also did a lot of work in order for the plane to stop there and refuel for the 10 hour flight to Pole. It is pretty cool how well the stations work together in times of need.

The medevac is complete and day one the press has already gotten information. CBS News MEDEVAC Success Both patients wanted to be left alone and their conditions kept to themselves, so it is sad that the nurse exposed them immediately, but I know it has become a known story and the press would find out eventually.

Our Sign says “THANK YOU ROTHERA”, thanking them for the treats and all the work they did so the plane could land there.

We also each got two apples, two oranges, and two mandarins from Chile.  A very VERY yummy surprise. Yesterdays meals were spent bartering fruit for things other people have. Two mandarins were traded for a cream soda that someone brought with them in the summer. People also offered to do a night of dish pit for a whole bag of fruit, but no one thought it was worth it to give up their fruit. It was entertaining and something that is funny for people a few minutes from a grocery store, but for us it was serious trading.

We had to bring two snowmobiles with nanson sleds in our DNF in case of ERT medical emergency, or something else happening with the plane during landing or take off. We later packed the sleds with 8 sleeping bags, 2 fire extinguisher and medical supplies.
Max made these burn barrels that lit the whole ski way, 11 barrels total which each burned for 5 hours.

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