The Cool Kids

I honestly did not know Legos was an adult hobby and had no idea they could have so much detail. How all these Legos made it to the South Pole is also a mystery to me, but these fine folks are big fans and have spent a lot of time building their Legos. They asked a “well-known” Lego builder to make a 1:72 scale model of the LC-130 military aircraft that we flew here on. IMG_5439

In return he asked them to get all of their Lego projects together and take a photo of the Legoers (just made that up, I think) of the South Pole. I happened to be walking by the setup, so I got to see how proud they were of their collection. It was highly entertaining. 929A4509 (2)

929A4506 (2)
So much detail and creativity involved in these Legos. Way different than the kids had that I used to babysit. Also, the South Pole sign is the old Geographic Pole marker that was replaced.

929A4513 (2)


I did not take these photos, just got them off the Common drive.

Other News:NSF Statement     The Washington Post

We are not allowed to say any more than what is being posted by the NSF (National Science Foundation) and other news sites. So, I can only share links and tell you that Max and I are fine and not leaving. I will share more links as the NSF makes them public.



  1. Thanks so much for sharing your blog! I saw “Antarctica: A Year on the Ice” at the San Diego Film Festival a couple of years ago and was so taken with the idea of wintering over that I actually checked out job opportunities and carefully inquired about taking a year sabbatical from work. Completely ridiculous of course, but it was a lovely fantasy while it lasted. Just finished “Alone on the Ice” (about Douglas Mawson in 1917) a couple weeks ago, then news of the special mission this month piqued my interest again this week. Then I found Jeffrey Donenfeld’s YouTube tour of the station this morning and was Googling around for more information as I continue to be very curious about life down there. I’m very much enjoying your blog. Loved the pictures of the greenhouse. Anyway, there is a “Legoland” amusement park just up the road from me, so if you ever need me to hook you up…


    • It is never to late to a summer or winter season! Many people come down of all ages, with kids, jobs at home and everything else. A winter season goes by a little slower, but a summer is only three months and flies by. Or they are now doing winter flights at Mcmurdo, so a winter season varies from contract to contract. It is something not many people get to experience and for me it was totally worth dropping everything at home for the opportunity. It may be worth applying just to get your name out there. One guy who is here applied 8 years in a row before getting a phone call.


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