Greenhouse Update

Here is a much overdue greenhouse update! Things have fully recovered since we totally started over on the side systems. All the plants seem very happy and we have been getting over ten pounds a week for the past two months.

Left: I harvest every other day during my lunch break

Right: Where I spend most of my time. If only I could get a little sun while doing it! I look forward to gardening outside in the sunshine, but I do really appreciate having a greenhouse at the South Pole!

Cucumbers hanging over the couch 
Max fixing his fire helmet while I harvest (Notice the three cucumber plants in the hobby system, which are growing big above the couch)


We have three zucchini plants taking over the center section. Not sure why, but they only get 3-4 inches long and 1 inch wide. Maybe the altitude? Or the grow lights are not enough for them? Anyone have any ideas? I think that might be the same with all of our tomatoes turning out to be cherry tomatoes whether the package says cherry tomatoes or not.

The right side has a lot of Hybrid Kale, Tokyo Bekana, Pac Choi, Crisp Lettuce, Romaine Lettuce, Red Shisho, Pesto Basil, and a few more random things. After restarting I decided to label everything so I could remember what it all was. You can see the labels on the wall and side of top shelf.


On the Left: Sunflower Kale             Right: Tokyo Bekana(the big greens), one romaine lettuce and a couple Swiss Chard

Left side: More of what is on the other side, plus two Cilantros and two Chervil herbs
cucumber, tomatoes, and green pepper (I love the one funny looking green pepper with the extra piece hanging off the top)


Left: most of our tomato plants from the summer have died so we are starting fresh with seven new baby tomatoes

Right: More Tokyo Bekana (Asian greens)

More Pesto Basil! The kitchen staff mostly use it for pizza toppings every other week


Left: The big green hardy leaves are Pac choi, with some light lettuce mixed in (crisp and romaine)

Right: on top is Cilantro and bottom is Chervil

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