Happening This Week

If we get temps warmer than -65 than we can operate machinery for an hour each day. Almost there! I don’t have much to do outside at this point, but Max could always use machines to stay ahead on trash.

Capture3A group of us has started doing video workouts twice a week. We do P90X, a weight lifting/ muscle building workout, on Tuesdays and Insanity, a cardio based workout, on Saturdays. On Wednesdays before volleyball we have been watching a documentary series called “Long Way Around”, which is about two actors riding from London and going through Kazakhstan, Russia and other countries before finishing in New York. We are enjoying it so far. We usually play volleyball until 10:30 or 11pm afterwards.


We had a day off on Monday for Memorial Day. When we have off so does the galley staff, so on Sunday and Monday we had leftovers or made sandwiches.



    • There is usually a small tofu or bean option, but yes there is meat everyday. I have been eating a lot of tofu since I rarely eat cow or pig at home. It starts to make me feel bad having it everyday and just gets very unappealing having steak two times every week. It will be nice to be home and get to decide what I eat again.


  1. Thanks for your great blog. It’s hard to get that world out of your head and heart. And you’ll never meet a better bunch of people to work with. Guess you guys will have time to watch Long Way Down next. May it will warm you up a bit. Thanks again!


  2. You mentioned that you could only use machinery when temps are higher than -65 and I also see a lot about your offices, so I suppose that I’m a little unclear about what your average day looked like and what work you were doing. How much time do you spend outside during the winter? During the summer I’d assume you would be outside a lot more, but in the winter do people go out much, or is it pretty irregular for most jobs? What kind of stuff were you doing in your office with your co-workers?

    Thanks again for your help and patience with my questions!


    • I speak about a lot of what I did during the winter in another post. It was a lot of counting items in storerooms. Mentioned it at the talk, but did not go into details. My coworkers and I were in charge of audits for all the storeroom. Every item is in a computer system and it is all tracked since they have to know what to order in Denver for the following season, so a lot of time was spent entering all the items we counted into the computer. We spent the first month outside putting leftover cargo away and cleaning up, seven months counting cold and warm storerooms (11 of them and 21,000 line items during the winter), a few weeks getting supplies for the medevac and the last month getting stuff back out for station opening. I did spend some time outside or in the food arch. I used machines to restock the indoor food arch and get food we ran out of inside the cold arch. I also had to get lumber or any other supplies needed for projects.

      The summer I was outside operating almost every day. We did have a few other projects like cleaning out cold buildings and resupplying things for the winter. Most of it was receiving and delivering cargo.


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