Team Work

Part of our job as materials is to load up food needed for the week and take it up stairs. We have one cargo only elevator that can fit 2 carts at a time and goes from the arches to the station. We do the food pull on Fridays and delivery every Monday. This past week with the temperatures being below -100F, we were not able to operate the elevator or equipment. So, on Tuesday we had an “all hands” meeting in the galley with everyone dressed to help. We man hauled the food 97 steps to get it up to the kitchen. We moved the food on all three carts in 12 minutes.


Everyone lined up with three or four steps in between each person. The hardest things to get up were the 50 pound bags of rice and flour. It is difficult to get a grip on them while trying to pass them to the next person. Many people commented on being sore the next day. What is better than team work and free weight lifting? 🙂

Behind me (yup, that’s me) is our cargo elevator that we usually use. People are not allowed in it since it is very temperature sensitive and occasionally gets stuck. The UTs spend many hours insulating and trying to get the elevator to work. Sometimes, when the elevator is broken, but not because of temperature we will use a loader to take crates of food to the other entrance. From there we use a hoist on the food deck to lift the food up to the galley on the second floor. Surprisingly, the human chain technique is actually the fastest, but hard to get everyone away from their own jobs in order to have enough people to help out.


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