Auroras by Max

Max took all of these photos in the past few weeks. The moon went down over a week ago, so it is very dark, which is great for bright stars and auroras. In our last astronomy class, we went outside and were showed many of the southern stars, clusters and even other galaxies that can be seen.


Views I will never get tired of. I stay outside watching the auroras move as long as I can before my fingers and toes go numb. Usually it is very easy to see them waving back and fourth. They have no specific times that they are visible and it varies how long they stay out, so there is an aurora channel that can be added to our radios where people announce if there are must see auroras. They usually last from 5 minutes to an hour or so. We get “aurora storms” which sometimes stick around on and off all day.


Yesterday, Max was spotting me and directing me while I was driving the loader picking up crates of flooring off a sled and taking them into the LO Arch(4,000 + lbs each). There were some amazing auroras so I jumped out and asked if he would take a picture of me while I was on the sled. We didn’t think it would work, but with the red lights from the tractor next to me, he got this really cool shot.


The front side of the South Pole station is completely dark since all the exits and most of the buildings are on the other side.


The very small looking buildings are the telescopes, which are 3/4 of a mile away following the flag line.



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