More Station Tour

We have two conference rooms, which have iridium phones for contacting the Denver office  or for emergencies when we do not have satellite. Many science departments have weekly meetings with their schools/ bosses to discuss what has been going on with their telescopes or other projects. We also have our weekly emergency response team (ERT) meetings in the conference room on Mondays.

This is the craft room that is completely full of art supplies and costumes.

During all my picture taking I stopped by the B2 lab to say hi to Max. It is the science lab, but in the winter it is not as crowded so Max took one of the empty desks. The meteorologists, research assistants, telescope employees and sometimes the NOAA staff work in the lab.

Most of the other offices in the main station are cubicles in the computer lab. Comms tech, safety supervisor, maintenance and facilities staff are all in these offices. The computers are for anyone to use at anytime during the day, but in the winter everyone has their own desk and computer as well.


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