The Great Outdoors

Here are some outdoor photos from the past week with two exceptions.

This is our exit that takes us from our arch to the VMF arch, which has the only exit besides going up the stairs. I like to walk outside to get to and from work. Since all of the station windows are covered, it is the only time I get to see the moon and all the stars. Some people go weeks without ever looking outside. I try my best to get out there at least every day.


Last week I had to take a 953B loader about a mile to the POL(petroleum, oil, lubricant)  Berm in order to get glycol drums and acetylene tanks for projects in the station. It took me three trips. We had to open our big bay doors to bring everything inside. This photo shows the drifting from just a few weeks of having the doors closed. Our heavy equipment operator had to bulldoze before I could bring in the loads.


The next picture shows the drifting from two years ago. The covered arch on the left is our materials arch. The one on the right is the VMF arch. They drag that arch almost daily since it houses all the machines and is our emergency exit.


Next photo shows how dark it was outside. I have a cage full of acetylene. All the machines have red lights, so it is a little difficult to see, especially when the lights shine right on the load. All pedestrians wear head lights so operators can see them. Even with red headlights, when people were walking away from me it was hard to see them. We have good communication when we see people walking to make sure they know we see them and vice versa. If you look in the cage you can see two faint red lights. That is the station, which is all I saw until I was much closer.


I took the next photo a few months ago before it got dark. This is called the “trash yacht”, where we take all of the station garbage. A big part of Max’s job is to close up the triwalls once they are full, put them on the trash berm, and replace them with new triwalls.


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  1. So interesting! I’m with you, think I would have to at least stick my head out once a day!

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