The Night Sky

Max took the first five photos in the last two days. The moon appears on the horizon after two weeks of being gone. It starts out as a full moon, gets higher for a week and then it takes a week to go back down. It is then gone for two more weeks before starting the process over again.


This is the view looking out from the balcony at the telescopes. There are full flag lines with flags every ten feet going to the telescopes, ice cube lab, rod well (water drilling location) and the satellite buildings. Basically, all of the buildings that people may have to get to even if there are white out conditions. Sometimes it is so dark or foggy that people can only see one flag in front of them and one flag behind them.


We had a lesson on taking pictures of auroras during one of our astronomy classes. It is best to include buildings, flags or anything else that can give perspective of how big the auroras are. So, if you look at the red lights, you can see our LO arch on the left and in the center is the CRYO building.


We are starting to get a ton of stars! Max took this photo with a longer exposure so some of the stars and the milky way we can’t actually see with the naked eye yet.


I really like this photo, even though it is sad to see the pollution from the power plant. The station is on the left, the power plant is in the middle and our LO arch is on the right.


I took the last two photos this morning before going to work. The auroras were moving around a lot and would sometimes go clear across the sky. The four buildings you can see are Hazardous waste summer office on the left, then the store storage and Do Not Freeze building and cargo office on the right. It looks hazy because of the power plant exhaust.

More color appears depending on the exposure and other camera settings. In reality, it is still too bright outside to see full colors. They are starting to look a little green, but also has more of a white cloudy look than seen in the photos.



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