We have three official lounges and one quiet reading room on station.

This is the B1 lounge. It has DVD’s, VHS, and Betamax(never heard of them until I came here, but they are old and not watched very often). This is where Documentary night and cheesy movie night happen.

Right outside of the B1 lounge is the pool table lounge. This is the most social lounge. Everyone who lives in the B1 berthing area, including Max and I, have to walk past this room to get to our bedroom. There are some books along the wall, but most of them are in the reading room. This room is also part of the emergency pod. Underneath it is the Emergency Power Plant. If you look in the back of the photo you can see a small kitchen area which has a stove, oven, microwave, sink, fridge etc.. So if there is a fire that affects the rest of the station, we can all live in this pod that is separated by a fire door.


Next, is the quiet reading room. It has most of the books on station. We sometimes play Yahtzee in here. It is also where we had knitting group in the summer.

This is the downstairs B3 lounge, where Sci-fi movie night and video game night happen. This is also where we had Yuri’s night after moving the couches out of the space. It has an overhead projector, which people like since it is a bigger screen. The wall by the door is full of TV shows and documentaries. The shelves next to the screen have video games. There are many games systems here, but I know nothing about them and have no interest in them. Many people play pretty regularly.



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