Yuri’s Night (4/10/16)

Yuri’s Night is a traditional party at the South Pole to celebrate Yuri Gagarin, who was the first human to go into outer space. Many people got into the spirit of it and dressed up. I spent a few days making a space ship out of cardboard and aluminum tape. Max was the flames that I launched from.

yuris night-001-04-16

Most rocket ships do not have a propeller, but it was found in our office so I decided to use it.

Here is a few short of half the winter crew. There are a handful of people that I rarely see outside of work and prefer not to go to social gatherings, but overall there are many people who enjoy the social events. We have a few people on station this year who have applied for the NASA space program.

yuris night-020-04-16

These are all the females on station minus one.

Flight south-5 (3)gg

Max did a great job as a DJ for the party and got many people dancing. It was a very fun night!

yuris night-050-04-16

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