Winter Telescope Tours

I have already posted details from the summer telescope tours, so instead I will just post pictures of the fun Sunday afternoon. There is a very interesting documentary put on by BBC Scotland about one of our telescopes here. It was the telescope, Bicep 3, that discovered “the Theory of Inflation” that was proposed in the 70’s and publicized in 2013, but then proven false after a lot of publicity. The documentary tells a lot about what happened and how they goofed up.

We first went to Mapo, the oldest telescope. The photo on the right was Max and I inside the telescope while it was turning and recording information.

Here is a view of Mapo and the station while on top of the Bicep 3 building.


This is on top of the Bicep building taking turns looking in at the sensors inside the telescope.


And, our long walk out there. It had been a while since I have posted a handstand photo! Max and Tim must be admiring my handstand skills… In yoga we have been practicing how to go up slowing one leg at a time. It is much harder than just throwing both legs up. Maybe I will get it figured out before winter is over. I have a lot of time to practice.



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