Sunset Dinner

Last Saturday we celebrated the sun setting for the long night. We worked a half day, helped set up for the dinner and then enjoyed a nice evening with our winter family. So far the season has been very successful with no big surprises. On Tuesday, all of the windows have to be covered until sunrise. There are very strict rules about light pollution, since the telescopes are working very hard and want as little interference as possible. We are all given flashlights with a red covering. And all of the outside lights(very few attached to buildings) are replaced with red bulbs. This is also beneficial for all of the photographers. Without light pollution, people will capture some amazing aurora photos which I will be posting a lot of pictures of.


Well, after a lot of chaos in the green house, here is a pathetic “freshies salad”. We had to start over with most things in the greenhouse, but we are making progress and should be back in business in less than a month.IMG_9596CaptureDSC05890

We had an hour of appetizers and socializing in the hallway before the main course. I must say it was very strange putting on make up, straightening my hair and wearing a dress. Carhartt overalls and big insulated boots sometimes makes me forget how good it feels to put a little effort into getting ready and looking nice. Silly to say, but I am sure everyone who wears the exact same thing to work every single way will understand.IMG_9593

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