The Setting Sun

I have not seen the night sky in over 5 months. We had 24 hours of sun all summer long, but three days ago it officially set for the long night ahead. We still have a little light from the sun, but soon it will be completely dark.DSC05626DSC04729

The same day as the sunset, a beautiful full moon came out right over the telescopes. Max got a great shot of it while we were at work.DSC05731

For almost a week the sky has had many different shades of pink as the sun set below the horizon. It has been a very exciting time, with different views every time we step outside. The last night of sunset many of us stayed up until midnight and were able to see the “green flash”, which is when the colors of the sun separate creating a green or blue color. This often happens when the sun sets and rises, but in the states it happens so fast people usually do not see it. Here, we were able to see it on and off with a telescope. A few people even saw it with their naked eye.BlueGreenFlashCropDSC05721

Max and I took photos of what happens in -76 degrees when hot water is thrown into the sky. Most of it evaporates almost immediately leaving a few drops that freeze and hit the ground. It was a very fun experiment.



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