Green House Craziness

I walked into the greenhouse with the other guy who works in there and we were in for quite a surprise. We had some major panicking because we had no idea why the water totally stopped in one of the 3 systems. After doing a lot of tests, we called the UT’s who came and fixed the problem. Turns out the drain was clogged, which kept the pump from putting more water back into the system. Luckily, most of the plants survived. We lost about 10 plants total, mostly romaine and summer lettuce. I learned that kale is very tough and a strong surviver!IMG_3664IMG_3663

Almost everything was drooped over the side, the basil plants in the third tray from the back are totally dead. Fortunately, I had planted more basil a few weeks before on the other side that is just starting to produce many leaves. Our cook loves to use basil for pizzas.


Here are the tomatoes in the middle system, still doing really well. We get about 5 pounds of tomatoes per week. I harvest 10-20 pounds of mixed greens, tomatoes and cucumbers every week. Giving the stations fresh salads for dinner two or three days a week.IMG_3670

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