We have a South Pole Intranet page when connected to the server where we can check weather, look at the galley menu, and go to links for our time card and other things. I took screen shots of the weather this week. It is definitely getting colder every day! It shows actual temperature, wind chill, barometric pressure, wind speed, and the date. Capture

Capture1This afternoon my coworkers and I had to walk to the berms and go on some other errands outside(a total of about two or three miles). We were outside walking for an hour and a half, which is officially the longest time I have ever spent in -72 degrees, one of our coldest days yet. My coworker got a little frost nip on her cheek, but otherwise we survived it. I will admit that while typing this an hour later, my feet are still a little numb. We do have hand warmers, which we all use in the winter when spending a good amount of time in the great outdoors. My face did get really cold, but mostly because goggles freeze over so fast making it impossible to see anything while wearing them. So I was forced to take them off, leaving half of my face uncovered. I have not mastered good face coverings, but I am sure I will be a professional by the time I am on a flight out. Walk for 1 hour and a half

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