Almost Last Flight (2/12/16)

Our Doctor was taking photos of one of the last flight and I had him take a few of me wearing my favorite jacket for the South Pole weather. This jacket was given to me by Max’s dad which he wore when he was here in the 90’s. I wear it every day and have never been cold, although I will probably have to start wearing the big red eventually. Plus, I love that it is a high quality Marmot, but not black and boring like some of their modern styles. Flight south-4

The hat was given to me by my co worker over the summer. I assume it has been passed around in materials. I don’t wear it very often because it sheds a lot, but it makes me feel like I am in Russia with a sled dog team. Having such an intense hat reminds that I am in a really harsh place. I love it!Flight south-7 I will pass the hat on to my other summer co worker who is coming back next year to winter. There are many things like this that stay at Pole and get passed around. We have inherited a really nice stair case for our bed as well as an amazing shelf unit that was made to fit in our bedroom window. We only have 2 more weeks of sunlight and then everyone is forced to cover all windows. The light pollution interferes with some of the science experiments that run very heavily in the winter.

Flight south-2

And of course, many goodbyes to some very amazing people. Flight south-11

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  1. I love your hat!! Your pictures are so bright and blue it’s hard to believe that it will be dark soon! Soak up that sunlight😜

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