Here are some photos I took of the last flight. It is tradition for everyone to go out to the flight deck and wave goodbye to the last plane out. There was a lot of hugging and wishing winter overs luck. It is sad to see the summer crew leave, but also kind of a relief that with all the preparation it is finally time for the experience to begin.DSC04360

A candid shot of my new materials co worker(who ran the station store in the summer) hugging our awesome summer operations manager.DSC04355

Max delivered the last cargo load of the season, before joining everyone to wave goodbye.DSC04357

When we are finally all alone for almost nine months, it is tradition to go inside and watch “The Thing” marathon. A very cheesy scary movie made around the 60’s and then remade in the 80’s and again in 2011. I personally would not recommend the movie, but it takes place in Antarctica with an alien who’s ship crashed here. The alien takes over peoples bodies and kills them, continuing to take over the whole station. They use flame thrower backpacks to try to stop it. Those backpacks became lunch conversation for a week. Everyone wanted to know how we could make the backpacks incase “The Thing” happened here.

We weren’t able to do the marathon that day since station close fell on a Tuesday and we still had to work all week, so we saved it for Sunday. We moved all the couches from the gym and had a few new replacement beds that we laid out for more seating. A majority of the station showed up, although for some who have wintered over more than once it is not very exciting. I don’t think I could watch them all again if I do another winter.


We have a projector and big speakers that were set up for the occasion. There is also a big white sheet that stays on the wall in the gym for any movie nights. It is not usually worth the set up since we have nice lounges, but for all station events it makes a nice theater.


It is also tradition to watch “The Shining” after midwinter dinner. Another scary movie that I would not usually see.

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