Ladies Night

Almost every night there is an activity happening. In the summer they were more exciting, now they tend to revolve around the TV. Either way it is fun to get together in the evenings and enjoy others company. I am in charge of the documentary Thursdays, which we recently moved to Wednesdays so the Yoga group can attend. The next few weeks we are watching “Human Planet”, a very interesting series about other cultures all around the world. I also went to Astronomy class yesterday. One of the telescope guys who has wintered for 14 years teaches a weekly class all winter. He is also a great photographer and will teach us how to successfully photograph the amazing auroras (Southern lights).


I started attending knitting group at the beginning of the summer and learned to knit hats. It is still a work in progress, I have made two hats and one head band. Lately, I have been burned out on knitting so I just go and hangout while others knit. It is a very fun group of people and a great evening whether people knit or not. Here is a photo from the middle of the summer. That was the first day of my hat. As you can see it looks a lot like a roll of yarn. There are many very talented knitters to learn from. One girl was in the process of a sweater and another can knit a whole hat in less than two hours. Since the winter started our knitting group consists of only three of us so we decided just to take our knitting to the astronomy class.


Last Sunday was our first winter over ladies now. We have 9 ladies total ( I lied when I said 8 in an earlier post, who knew 9 was too many to keep track of). Two ladies did not show, but overall was a great turn out and a lot of fun. One of the girls has all of the Bob Ross painting videos and many painting supplies, so we started with his very first video. We painted a walk in the woods scene. We are going to meet every month and try a different video. Hopefully it is all uphill from here! IMG_9483

We discovered that Bob is very hard to keep up with. We decided in the beginning not to pause or rewind the video. So it quickly turned into speed painting. It was even harder to keep up with all the laughter.

We are all in the craft room, which has a ton of crafting supplies. You can’t see the wall of cupboards in these photos, but it is overflowing with supplies. That includes screen printing, two sowing machines, and various paints, markers, crayons and many other items.


Here is our menu for the week. I am going to try to include more information about the day to day as well as special events. I will soon take pictures of the lounges and other areas to show what we like to do in our free time at the South Pole. Capture1


    • There are only three cooks and one steward for the dishes. They also need a day off, so on Sunday almost everyone gets a day off. We eat leftovers for the day. It is usually cereal (with powdered milk) for breakfast, leftovers from the night before for lunch, and scrounging for dinner. Some people don’t like sundays because there are no meals, but I think it is kind of nice to have a break from eating so much since we usually aren’t working as hard on our day off. The other days we eat a lot more, especially Max and I who work outside in the cold. It does not take long to get hungry.


  1. Hannah
    Just talked with your mother and she updated me on your adventure-what a great experience! Looking forward to hearing about everything. Where are the potter’s wheels?


    • Hi Dennis,
      What a nice surprise! Sadly there are is no pottery. That would make things way better! I have already decided as soon as I get home I am going to sign up for another LBCC pottery class. Hope you are doing well. Are you still doing a lot of pottery?


  2. I’m hoping for a knitted hat!! There doesn’t appear to be any vegetarian options on the menu!

    Sent from my iPhone



    • We have one vegan and one vegetarian. There are always options for them. I am sometimes vegetarian, like for tonights steak. They are pretty good with special food needs.


  3. Your Walk in the Woods Painting by the way was the hands down Best in the Bunch, I think.
    No slight intended to the other Ladies/ Artists


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