The Past Month

Here are some random photos taken in the past month or so that I have not had time to post.

This is what happens when beer gets left outside more than 20 minutes to get cold. Good work Max! 🙂 Luckily, it all stuck together as one piece so it was easy to clean. And now is a good photo to show how cold it is here.


Max let me open my birthday presents very early before work. I am hardly awake. It was a very good birthday. He got the baker to make my favorite, German chocolate cake, the day before she left for the season.


Here is Max’s frosty face after a few hours of skiing on a beautiful day before station closing. They have many pairs of cross country skis and boots for everyone to use. However, it is very flat and so it feels a lot like walking.


We skied past “the end of the world” and started skiing on the untouched sastrugi. It made me feel like the Antarctic explorers who have traveled many miles throughout the continent. There was a guy named Henry Worsley, who had a goal to be the first person ever to travel all the way across Antarctica unsupported. Meaning, he carried all of his own food and gear to survive the long harsh trek without any help. On his journey, he passed by the South Pole and stayed at camp near by. On his way out Max saw him and talked to him for a few minutes before continuing on in early January. It turns out he got 30 miles from the edge and then had to call for a rescue. He died in a hospital in Chile a few days after. Very sad story, but so inspiring that he tried and got so close. There are many articles telling his story on the internet. Antarctica really is a harsh continent.


Max took these photos of his last few days working cargo. Working behind the planes was a big part of his job all summer. He is now working as waste management for the winter.


Another view of our home base for the winter. I must say it is very nice to be so cold working outside and then be able to walk inside for hot tea and a warm meal. We are very spoiled to be in the “last place on Earth” and have such great accommodations.


I don’t often post close ups of my face, but when my eyes are sticking shut from ice forming on them and I have an ice unibrow I think it is appropriate. This day was -55f with a windchill of -80f. The cold is not that bad if there isn’t any wind. The hardest days have been -45f or warmer with winds up to 27 knots. On those days my face burns and the only thing I can do is walk against the wind with my head tucked in my jacket. WINTER IS COMING!


The tradition is that the last flight of the summer flies right above station and does a “wing wave” as they pass by. It is a very fun tradition and a nice reality check that it is the last plane for eight and a half months. There are now 48 of us here for the winter. That includes a grand total of nine females.


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