Aerial Photos

These were taken by one of the cooks who was asked to go in a Twin Otter to take aerial photos of the station and surrounding areas.


Here are the blue hyper tats that house people when we run out of rooms in station as well as other storage buildings. One of them is full of cross country skis. IMG_2637

This is the entire South Pole area. You can see the Ceremonial Pole hiding in the snow at the bottom of the photo. The LC-130 that was stuck here for a week is on the right side. The lines of stuff are the many berms.


This is a side view of the station. On the far right you can barely see the Logistics arch where I work. The small building towards the top left is ARO, the NOAA building. They do clean air testing and studies.



Max took the next two photos while they were flying over the cargo yard taking the aerial photos.


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