Favorite Spot in Mactown

I walked to hut point everyday while I was in McMurdo. It was amazing to see how much changed in 5 days during R&R. Hut point is about a mile walk each way from station and gives the best view of the water, plus many animals like to hang out there too.

Pictured below, the night before the storm when we had blue skies and a lot less wind.  DSC02626

Then, the storm set in!DSC02992

Snow was blowing hard and sideways.DSC02964

We got to watch the ice move out a little further everyday. This picture also shows the change in weather since the day before. They say once you can no longer see the mountains you have 45 minutes before the storm reaches station.


While we were out there the wind picked up making amazing ripples.


and the next day…… I SAW MY FIRST(semi close up) PENGIUN! He may not have been very close, but we were able to watch him moving around. He was all by himself so it is undecided if he is brave or just not very smart. There was a seal laying pretty close to him.



  1. Walking out to Hut Point after dinner whenever I was in MacTown was one of my favorites as well. I was always sad to look at Vinces Cross and think a young man having a great adventure during the Golden Age of Antarctic Exploration never got to return home to his family and tell them of his hardships and wonderful things he experienced. No Day Bar back then, It was and still is a Harsh Continent.


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