U.S. Coast Guard

The Ice Breaker has docked and they are doing tours tonight and tomorrow. Max and I are scheduled to fly back to Pole, but our flight keeps getting delayed because of weather so I may be posting many more photos of this ship. We both really like taking pictures of it. Max gets most of the credit for these photos, but I did take a few of them as well. He just got a new camera a few weeks ago that takes great shots!


In the picture below- You can see the huge ice chunks on the water that it was breaking off at that moment. It constantly goes back and forth to get momentum so it can get on top of the ice sheet and break it down.


There are 150 people who came in on the ship. NOAA officers were also on it doing science on the way to McMurdo.


Max took this picture. It makes me think of all the ships that have come through here during early exploration. DSC03150
They are doing a bunch of driving to get the containers ready to load up when vessel gets here in a week. They are mostly full of trash and retro items that are not used any more. Many of the science equipment is auctioned off in California. DSC03141


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