Castle Rock Hike

Max, Christian, our German friend who is wintering with us working on ice cube, and I hiked to the top of Castle Rock. It took 5 hours to get there and back, but we stopped for a bunch of photos. To get there and back to town was almost 8 miles.


Our first view of Mount Arabus, an active volcano.


They have two emergency shelters on the way to Castle rock. Weather is known to change very quickly, often leaving people with no time to get back. All groups have to check out with fire house telling them their exact hiking plan and taking a radio in case of emergencies. We also have to follow the flagged route very closely. People have fallen in crevasses and died on this hike from going off trail.


This shelter was our first view of open Ocean. The Ross Sea(now a sheet of ice) meets the Pacific Ocean.DSC02418

Here is Castle Rock. We climbed all the way to the top giving us great views all around. DSC02434

The Ice Breaker is going back and forth from the ocean to keep making a path for Vessel. There are many helicopters flying from field camps. Yesterday, Search and Rescue was on Arabus practicing crevasse training and lowering litters.DSC02500

Sitting on Castle Rock admiring Arabus.DSC02510

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