More From McMurdo

There were some photos from the end of my time in McMurdo that never got posted. Max and I are headed back there in a few weeks for R&R(rest and relaxation), before fully getting ready for the winter. We will be spending 6 days there exploring and catching up on sleep.

This is a Skua. These birds live in McMurdo in the summer and have been known to attack people when they see food in their hands. I saw this one in the middle of the road and almost ran into him before I noticed he was there. They really blend in with the dirt. They are like really big seagulls.


This is ‘Ivan’, the old megabus that shuttled us to our plane.


Here is the second attempt at going to Pole on an LC 130. We taxied for a bit and then turned around because of mechanical problems in the cockpit.


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