Telescope and Ice Cube Tour

Last weekend we went to the telescope and Ice cube open house. These are the biggest experiments happening at the South Pole, besides the ice core drilling which we are visiting soon.

Ice cube experiment has drilled 5,000 scientific spheres on chains a few meters into the ice looking for neutrinos that are coming from other galaxies. This experiment has been going about 5 years and is constantly collecting and recording data.

(the ice cube building)


This is what the neutrino sensors look like under the ice. They turn colors when a neutrino goes through them.


If you can read it, this poster tells more about the experiment.


In the lab, each sensor in the ice sends up information which is recorded.


We then went to the South Pole 10-Meter telescope, got a tour and when on top of the telescope.

(this is the materials crew, two co workers and myself)



Here is the base of the telescope. Everything above the ceiling can move and spin to look at the entire sky. They are looking at what was left behind from the big bang.


This is the brain of the telescope. It moves with it, and is connected to all over the computers.



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