During The Week

For the past three weeks one of my co workers and I have been going to all the science buildings and collecting empty cylinders to be sent back to California and refilled. Each cylinder weighs about 150 lbs and is almost as tall as me. It has been a huge project to get all like gases in the same cage. There is a lot of nitrogen, oxygen, helium, carbon dioxide, compressed air, acetylene, argon and more. We are very glad to be done with this huge project.


Here I am sitting in the tractor while my co worker removes the cargo strap from the cage. These are full CO2 cylinders. It was a lot of pressure to move them with a forklift. All cylinder cages and fuel drums are required to use a spotter when being moved.


This is the whole cargo/materials team. We often work together to get cargo where it needs go. They delivers boxes and crates to us, we receive them making sure the items in the box match the shipping document, and then figure out where they go.


On Friday night the station celebrated New Years with a concert. Five bands played including Rock Hard Abs (Max’s band). Max sang, played guitar and then DJed after the concert. It was a fun night.




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