Walk to Work

It takes about ten minutes to get to work. Here are the steps:

  1. Walk to the other end of the station from my room to get to the “beer can”. This is the silver cylinder at the end of the station.
  2. Go down the 97 steps, passing by one exit to outside.IMG_1485
  3. How the stairs look from the bottom before continuing down the hall.IMG_1488
  4. I then go past the tunnels, which I still need to get a tour of.
  5. IMG_1489IMG_1490
  6. Almost there. Here is our office upstairs and below is our DNF(do not freeze) storage.IMG_1492Inside the DNFIMG_1495
  7. Go upstairs…IMG_1496
  8. And here is my officeIMG_1498And my deskIMG_1499


  1. Hannah, Thanks for Posting the great picts of the new Pole Marker and especially your work. They have provided a great workspace for you. Much better than in my time there, Oh and did I tell you I slept in a canvas Quonset hut….not a fancy Elevated Station? Hope this inspires Max to post some picts of the Cargo Office. Enjoyed Much, Happy New Year!


  2. Definitely looks like a good workout! In my mind I definitely didn’t picture it taking a 10 min walk to get anywhere, but then again I haven’t been there so I have no real concept of how big the place is. Now I have a bit of a better idea.


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