Berming Man

Berming man has come and went. It was mostly used as a way to create awareness to the problem of the berms. The berms are a clever way to store things outside. One is made by building up a row of 5 feet of snow and the continuously packing it down with bulldozers until it is a strong block that can hold items needed to be stored outside. The down side of the berms is that they create a great wall for snow drifts to land and eventually burry the whole thing. A berm does great for 3 to 5 years, but after that everything needs to be moved to a new berm or it will become completely buried and make it really hard to access.

(the lumber berm)


(our progress after a long morning of shoveling)IMG_6261


The goal for our first annual Berming Man was to pick a few berms and spend all day digging them out. Our group was assigned the lumber berm. We made good progress so the carpenters can find some wood they were looking for, but there is still a long way to go. Another group dug out the rest of the food berm, which will be moved to a new berm. Almost half of our frozen food is stored outside on berms. It is a great place for it since we don’t have to worry about animals or food thawing.

After the work day was over we had a gathering at one of the lounges. Many bands played and Max ran sound and DJed. Our baker made an amazing replica of what the berms look like, which the crowd voted to not eat and put on the berms as a joke. The cake is now going on the wall in the ice tunnels to remember the first annual Berming man for years to come.



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