On Thursday (Christmas Eve), I got the opportunity to go to Rosanne in a Twin Otter, which is a fueling site 400 miles away from station. There is a science experiment that will be set up 500 miles away from station. It will take them a few trips in a Twin Otter plane to get the experiment ready and they don’t have enough fuel to get there and back each time, so they will stop at Rosanne.

(Twin Otter)


(Inside the plane)


An LC-130 Hercules military aircraft did this fuel air drop last week, dumping 16 parachute bundles that each had 4 fuel drums. The next day, a crew went and picked up all the parachutes so the digging could begin. Since then people have been asked to go help dig. It takes a 3 hour flight each way and then about 4 hours on the ground digging. Our group dug out and moved 6 bundles of fuel drums. Once there are 40 fuel drums set up at the fueling site, the science missions can start.

(trying to dig up the last cargo strap buckle)IMG_6274

(we cargo strapped the fuel drum and used a snow mobile to drag it to the fuel cache)IMG_6279

(all the cardboard that was under one parachute)IMG_6290

(a far away view of the fuel drums)


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