Race Around The World

I am very behind on posting, but I thought this is a good place to start…

Yesterday, on Christmas morning, a majority of the station got outside and ran/ walked the race around the world. The race is 2.2 miles long and goes around the Ceremonial and Geographic Poles, then continues by both telescopes and ends back at the Geographic Pole.

(group photo before the race)


(at the Geographic Pole starting line)


(Mapo, one of the telescopes we ran by)


(2 other telescopes and a guy kite boarding)


I don’t have too much running experience, but so far in life running at 10, 400 ft and -17 degrees F, with – 34 windchill is the hardest running I have ever done. Plus, we were tromping through some packed snow, but some was not packed down which made it hard to keep forward motion. Max and I ran it together in 30 minutes and 15 seconds. My only goal was not to walk, which sounded much easier before the race sitting down in the warm station. Overall, it was a great experience and something I am very glad I accomplished. Definitely a Christmas to remember!

(Someone got a photo of Max and I crossing the finish line)P1090153

After the race we went inside for brunch. Max and I spent the afternoon watching Grizzwalds Christmas Vacation. Then we served wine and beer for the first Christmas dinner seating and helped clean up for the second seating. We had a nice dinner with other winter overs and then watched the second original Star Wars movie. It did not go over well that I had not seen any of them, so a group has committed to getting me to watch all the movies. We have another day off tomorrow, and we are watching the last original movie.


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