Rooms In Station:The Green House

One of the managers takes on the green house every summer to get it ready for the following winter. The green house can produce an average of 40 pounds of fresh veggies a week if ran correctly. I have started volunteering in the green house and have stepped up to be one of the three main volunteers for the winter. We are in charge of knowing the green house’s needs and being able to get as much produce as we can for meals. Some winters the green house is not taken advantage of and runs completely dry without anything growing. My goal is to keep that from happening! Luckily, this winter we have at least 5 people who are interested in helping, but it really is a full time job.

DSC00909.jpgWe grow mostly lettuce, kale, chard, other leafy greens and tomatoes. we also do some basil, cilantro, peas, mint, and other things. We love to experiment with new things like okra, melons, zucchini, etc. Lettuce we plant almost every day in order to have enough to provide salad for the whole station in the winter. For the summer, we get “freshies” on most flights, which include enough fruits and veggies to have for everyone on station at least one meal a day.

I like spending time in the green house because of the humidity and greenery that we don’t get outside. It is a very relaxing place to read and be in my own thoughts. There is a couch and table where people often go to play music, read, play games, or call home. I will definitely take advantage of it when I need a reminder of the green Oregon I left behind.DSC00917.jpgDSC00907.jpgDSC00915.jpg

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