SPOT Traverse #1

The first spot traverse arrived last week. There are 3 traverses that travel from McMurdo to the South Pole to deliver jet fuel which is used to power the station all year. It carried 108,000 gallons of AN-8 fuel. This first traverse took 25 days because it was creating the path for the next two traverses. The other traverses will take 18-22 days. Today, we got to take a tour of the berthing and kitchen buildings that are part of the traverse.

They have 5 tractors like this one that haul everything across the continent. They are very fancy new tractors.


One of the berthing rooms. There are about 10 guys who came in on this traverse.DSC00465

One of the trailers that drag the fuel bladders along.DSC00474

The fuel bladders before being emptied.DSC00470

This is the outside of the berthing room in front and the kitchen behind.DSC00472

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