Cape Evans (November 9th, 2015)

Cape Evans is located about an hour drive (going 20 miles an hour in a bumpy vehicle) from Mcmurdo Station along the bay. It was used by Robert Scott and his men when they came by sailboat in the early 1900’s on their mission to the South Pole. The hut housed over 30 men during that time in terrible conditions. There is so much history in Antarctica and I highly suggest reading more about Amundsen and Scott’s journeys to and around the South Pole.

There are now guided tours that allow us to go inside the building and see exactly what it was like 100 years ago. It makes me feel very lucky to be cozy in my big red with insulated carharrts.

IMG_1431[1] IMG_1437[1]IMG_1432[1] IMG_1421[1] IMG_1414[1] IMG_1405[1] IMG_1404[1] IMG_1398[1]

We made a stop along the way to admire this seal in his seal hole. They constantly have to poke their heads out and breath on the ice to keep it from freezing over.


IMG_1382[1] IMG_1370[1]

This is the 15 passenger van we took to Cape Evans.

IMG_1362[1] IMG_1360[1]


  1. Hi Hannah, you had great weather for your trip to Cape Evans, really no better feeling in the World than a sunny day in Antarctica with all that beautiful scenery surrounding you. Great to see Niko’s picture on hannahmacs profile. We are taking good care of him for you and Max.

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    • Thanks Lynn, it has been so great to have time in McMurdo. I actually really enjoy it here. There is so much adventuring to do. I really focused on taking advantage of any trip opportunity that I had. So much history here! I am scheduled (again) to leave for Pole in an hour. My boomerang bag clothes are very dirty. ha

      Give Niko big hugs for us and show him pictures of us so we aren’t forgotten! I promise him many bike rides when we get home.


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